Trainer Features

Basic Martial Arts
[+1 Attack]
Prerequisites: Novice Athletics
Effect: You learn the Move Rock Smash.

Martial Artist (Technician)

Martial Artist
Prerequisites: Basic Martial Arts, Combat Training
Effect: Choose one of the abilities listed below. You gain the chosen Ability, and its associated tags. Whenever you gain any Martial Artist Feature, you also gain the associated tags.

  • Technician - [+SPEED] - Moves with a Damage Base of 6 or lower have their Damage Base increased by +2. This bonus always applies to Moves with the Double Strike or Fivestrike Keywords.

Martial Training

Martial Training
Rank 1 Prerequisites: Martial Artist
Rank 2 Prerequisites: Martial Artist, Expert Combat
Rank 3 Prerequisites: Martial Artist, Master Combat
Effect: Learn two Martial Artist Moves. You may choose any Move marked with the Martial Training Rank you are taking or lower. You must meet a Move’s Prerequisites to choose that Move.

Martial Artist Moves

Rank 1 Moves

  • Acupressure - Requires Limber
  • Arm Thrust - Requires Technician
  • Double Kick
  • Focus Energy
  • Karate Chop - Requires Inner Focus
  • Low Sweep
  • Mach Punch - Requires Iron Fist
  • Rolling Kick - Requires Reckless
  • Vital Throw - Requires Guts

Rank 2 Moves

  • Brick Break
  • Circle Throw - Requires Guts
  • Comet Punch - Requires Iron Fist
  • Counter - Requires Limber
  • Low Kick - Requires Inner Focus
  • Jump Kick - Requires Reckless
  • Power Trick - Requires Limber
  • Quick Guard - Requires Technician

Rank 3 Moves

  • Cross Chop - Requires Inner Focus
  • Close Combat
  • High Jump Kick - Requires Reckless
  • Sky Uppercut - Requires Iron Fist
  • Storm Throw - Requires Guts
  • Triple Kick - Requires Technician

Second Strike

Second Strike
Prerequisites: Martial Artist
At-Will – Free Action
Trigger: You attempt to use a Grapple, Push, Trip, or Disarm Combat Maneuver but fail the Opposed Roll
Effect: You may immediately use Rock Smash or a Struggle Attack against your target as a Free Action.

Martial Achievement (Whirlwind Strikes)

Whirlwind Strikes
Prerequisites: Technician Ability
1 AP – Full Action
Effect: You may use Rock Smash, targeting against any number of adjacent foes. You do not count as Flanked for one full round.

Inspired Training

Inspired Training
Prerequisites: None
At-Will - Extended Action
Target: Up to six of your Pokemon
Effect: The targets gain +1 to Effect Range and +2 to Save Checks until they take an extended rest. A Pokemon can be affected only by one [Training] Feature at a time.


Prerequisites: Agility Training, Novice Athletics, One of Athletic Prowess, Mounted Prowess, Power Boost, Stamina, or Swimmer
At-Will – Extended Action
Effect: After an hour of exercise, an Athlete may choose two different Stats besides HP; both of those stats become Trained Stats. The default State of Trained Stats is +1 Combat Stages instead of 0. An Athlete may have two Trained Stats at a time.

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