Damage Base Chart
Damage Base Actual Damage
1 1d6+1
2 1d6+3
3 1d6+5
4 1d8+6
5 1d8+8
6 2d6+8
7 2d6+10
8 2d8+10
9 2d10+10
10 3d8+10
11 3d10+10
12 3d12+10
13 4d10+10
14 4d10+15
15 4d10+20
16 5d10+20
17 5d12+25
18 6d12+25
19 6d12+30
20 6d12+35
21 6d12+40
22 6d12+45
23 6d12+50
24 6d12+55
25 6d10+60
26 7d12+65
27 8d12+70
28 8d12+80

Same Type Attack Bonus

If a Pokémon uses a damaging Move with which it shares a Type, the Damage Base of the Move is increased by +2. This is referred to as ‘STAB’ for short.

Critical Hits

On an Accuracy Roll of 20, a damaging attack is a Critical Hit. A Critical Hit adds the Damage Dice Roll a second time to the total damage dealt, but does not add Stats a second time; for example, a DB6 Move Crit would be 4d6+16+Stat, or 30+Stat going by set damage.

Some Moves or effects may cause increased critical ranges, making Critical Hits possible on Accuracy Rolls lower than 20. Some effects may also increase Critical Hit range; if an effect increases Critical Hit Range by 4 for example, on most moves this would indicate a Critical Hit on accuracy rolls of 16-20.

Note that increased Critical Hit ranges are not counted as an effect, and do not trigger Serene Grace or Sheer Force.

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